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Internet Brands is a content submission site, similar to Demand or wiseGEEK, that will pay you a flat fee for each article you write. Internet Brands hires writers to write content for sites including Do It Yourself, Healthnews.org and Fit Day among others.

How much does Internet Brands pay?

From what I have been able to find out, pay tends to vary per article. Most of the information I found says that pay is an average of about $10 for every 400 to 600 words, but assignments with word counts under 400 might pay slightly less than that.

How and when does Internet Brands pay?

Internet Brands uses Paypal, and they pay once a month, usually around mid-month.

What is the application process like for Internet Brands?

You’ll need to fill out a short form with basic info (name, etc.). They also want you to tell them about your previous writing and publishing experience. Keep in mind this can be anything! If you have a blog, tell them about your blog. If you’ve only ever written articles for rev-share sites, mention that. Any web writing you’ve done is relevant. After you’ve filled out that info, you’ll be asked to pick a category to write in. As of the date of this blog post, they only have auto, legal, health/fitness, camera equipment and do-it-yourself categories open. You can initially just apply for one category, but after you’ve written for them for a while, you’ll be able to write for more than one if you want. After selecting a category, you’ll have to write an original, short sample for them demonstrating your expertise in the category you’ve chosen. They don’t specify a word count, but if I were you, I’d try to make it at least 250 words.

Does Internet Brands accept writers living outside the US?

From what I can gather, they do — including Canadians. When you apply, they ask if you are a resident of the United States. I imagine that as long as you have a Paypal account so they can pay you, you can apply.

My Personal Experience With Internet Brands

I have applied on two different occasions, and I never heard back the first time. The second time I applied, I finally did hear back, but it wasn’t for about two months. They said that they were currently not needing writers for the sites I applied to.

Final Thoughts on Internet Brands

This is a good writing job to get if you can. The pay is toward higher end of what you can expect from most content sites, and I’ve read nothing but positive reviews from the majority of people who write for them. I have read that there are usually a lot of titles to choose from, and they appear to pay on time. If you are trying to get into online writing, I would recommend applying here. Please note that the site you’ll be taken to when you apply says “Knowledge Writing” but this is actually Internet Brands even though it doesn’t say so. I don’t totally understand this – maybe they are in a transitional phase or something? Good luck to all of you who decide to apply!

You can go here to apply for Internet Brands.

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  1. says

    I am so glad I found your site. You have straight answers about all these websites. Been writing for Demand for over a year and need to find a new site. Thanks for putting out great content!

  2. says

    I just applied for Internet Brands last night and was accepted today. I applied for the Family Law section, which happens to be my area of expertise. Maybe the turnaround time is dependent on the area applied. I assume you hear from them quickly for areas where very few people apply or qualify.

    I will keep you posted on what it is like to write for them after I have completed a few articles.

    • says

      Congratulations Jaqui! They finally sent me a rejection notice about four or five months after I applied. Said they didn’t need any writers at that time :( But I am glad to hear that you got on with them. Everyone says they are an excellent company to write for.

  3. Nancy Nuce says

    I just attempted to apply to this site. After entering all of my information and my writing sample, I clicked on SUBMIT.

    It told me it could not accept it without a writing sample.

    I redid it three times – still the same problem – and there is no help button or contact button – no way to contact them.

  4. Anna says

    That is really odd! No, it took me to the page to sign up. I just clicked the link on the blog post to sign up, and it takes me to the writers apply page. Are you saying that when you try to create an account there, it takes you to this weird Sequoia page? Try one more time and see if it still does that. If so, I'll have to look into it and see if the page to apply has actually changed.

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