The Scentsy Direct Sales Opportunity

Overview of the Scentsy direct sales opp.Scentsy is another direct selling/party planning business opportunity. The company is fairly new, having just launched in 2003. Scentsy specializes in selling wickless candles and low-watt bulb warmers that come in a variety of different designs. Some of them are gorgeous!

How much can you make with Scentsy?

You can earn between 20 and 30 percent commission of all sales with Scentsy. You start off at 20 percent and can build up to higher commission levels depending on how much you sell and how much people whom you’ve referred to be Scentsy consultants sell. Scentsy pays monthly, and you will be sent your commission check on the 10th day of every month. You cannot be paid unless you have accumulated at least $30 in sales.

How much does it cost to get started with Scentsy?

Your startup kit with Scentsy is $99, and for this you get $200 worth of items, including samples to use for several parties and lots of business supplies.

Do you have to have home parties with Scentsy?

It would be a good idea to, but you can also sell Scentsy directly or through a personal website that they give you for free for three months. After the first three months, you must pay $10 a month to keep your website.

Is there a minimum sales amount to remain active with Scentsy?

You need to sell at least $150 every three months to remain an active Scentsy consultant.

Do you get your own website with Scentsy?

Yes, you get your own website which is free for the first three months, as stated above. After that, you must pay $10 a month to keep it.

Is Scentsy open to people outside the US?

Yes, Scentsy has just recently launched in Canada.

Is Scentsy recommended?

At lot of people seem to really enjoy selling Scentsy, and the commission rate is not bad. I can clearly see how Scentsy would sell itself, because everyone wants candles once they smell them. The warmers might also make a lovely, decorative addition to the home, so they would probably be an attractive item to buyers, too.

Are you a Scentsy consultant?

If so, you could sponsor this post! Go here for details.

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