Premier Jewelry

Premier Jewelry overview.Premier Jewelry is a direct sales company that specializes in jewelry. They were founded in 1985, so this business has been around for a while. You can become a consultant for them and make a commission selling their jewelry.

How much can you make with Premier Jewelry?

The company gives their consultants 50 percent profit on all sales, which is impressive! Most of these direct sales companies do not offer anywhere near that much commission. You can also earn an extra 10 percent commission off people whom you refer to become consultants, and additionally more commission off people they refer. In case you weren’t aware, this is called your “downline.” For Premier, it can go down three levels.

How does payment work?

You are paid each time you have a home party. They require that you split the total sales of each party down the middle and send them half, including any shipping or taxes.

How much does it cost to get started with Premier Jewelry?

According to one of my readers, the start up cost for Premier is $350 plus there is an annual fee. You will also want to buy some sample jewelry from the company so you can show potential customers examples at parties, but you choose which ones to buy and how much you can afford to spend on them. You are also free to wear your samples wherever you go.

Do you have to ask people to throw parties for you?

Yes, it’s important to have home shows with this business. However, the people you know may be excited to have parties for you because there’s a lot in it for them. If they agree to have a Premier party and invite people they know, they are eligible for lots of free jewelry and several additional discounts on jewelry depending on how much is sold at the party and other such factors. The parties also give you the opportunity to line up more parties with the people who attend.

Is there a minimum sales amount to remain active?

No, Premier does not require you to meet any minimums. You do have to meet a certain minimum if you want to keep earning commission off your downline, though.

Do you get your own website?

The Premier website does not mention that they give websites to their consultants.

My Personal Experience With Premier Jewelry

I have never sold their products, but I have purchased it. I am acquainted with a few people who either have or do currently sell it. The jewelry does look very nice, but I’m not so sure it’s of superior quality as the company suggests. Maybe some of it is, but the bracelet I owned didn’t hold together too well, and the earrings I had seriously irritated my ears to the point that I just could not wear them regardless of how cute they were. That said, I know a lot of people absolutely love their jewelry, so maybe I just got a few duds.

Are you a Premier consultant?

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  1. Jennifer Cangiamila says

    I am a consultant for Premier and want to add and make some corrections to your review.

    The Golden Gaurentee is not a lifetime warranty, rather it is a warranty against any manufacturing defect. If an item has a manufacturing defect within the first 60 days of ownership talk to your jewelry lady and she will get it replaced for you for free. If it is after 60 days and there is a manufacturing defect you can talk to your jewelry lady and have it replaced for $5 plus the tax. If you are allergic to the jewelry you will know with in the first 10 days of receiving it and your jewelry lady will be more than happy to help you exchange the earrings or what ever it is for another item of equal value (or you may pay the difference in price). Also if you receive an item and it isn’t exactly what you thought it would look like or you do not like it for any reason or ordered the wrong size ring you can absolutely contact your jewelry lady and she will gladly exchange it. The GG does not cover any normal wear and tear. Just like your other accessories it will eventually be time to update and replace, which is simple because you contact your jewelry lady and get together with some friends and earn it for FREE!

    The initial fee is not $350, it is $395 plus tax. Yes, that is higher than most other companies, however, you are getting an enormous amount of services provided through out the year with this initial fee. Here are a few of my favorite services provided by this initial fee: 1) we never pay for any personal shipping on our catalogs, jewelry, ect with a min 20 CV (about $40 retail). This is extremely simple, 2 packs of catalogs and you’ve got it. A bracelet and earrings you’ve met your CV. Just one package of catalogs (12 catalogs to a package) to be shipped can cost near $10! You save tremendously throughout the year doing this! 2) we have the best customer service line! When we call you talk to a live person, no pushing buttons and they always know what they are talking about and are happy to serve you! 3) all of our home shows and individual orders are prepackaged. Now this is incredible because for home shows you could have 1-20 indiviual orders. Each customer in that home show will have their jewelry bundled and bagged making delivery easy for the hostess! Plus the orders are double checked to ensure that they are correct. Yes, there are occasions when we have mix ups, after all this packaging is done by individuals, but it is rare and Premier is always happy to make the correction if needed. 4) we have an incredible website for jewelers. No we do not have an individual website, but rather a company website for jewelers to log in and process and track orders, receive excellent trainings, and so much more. Those are simply some of the serves that are covered by this initial fee.

    We have an annual renewal fee on the day you became a jeweler. This renewal fee is out the for two reasons. First, it covers the cost of all of the amazing services provided for another year. Second, it is there to protect us as jewelers. People will not pay the renewal fee simply to continue purchasing the jewelry at our discount of 50%. Rather those who renew are working this as a business and not handing out discounts to their friends and families as so many other company reps do.

    Also Premier currently does not offer their jewelry ladies a website of their own and there is no catalog on line. This is because Premier prides themselves on building relationships and serving others. Having a page to click takes away the service part of our job and in a sense eliminates the need for us and for home shows.

    Our marketing plan is one of the best out there. We earn as you said 50% of anything we sell at RETAIL. We get paid first so after a show or individual orders we take the TOTAL RETAIL (before shipping/handling/tax) and if sold with no discounts we send 1/2 of that total along with the shipping/handling and tax to Premier. To earn the 50% we simply have to sell something. It does not matter if we have a downline (sponsored anyone) or have not done anything with our business in 8 months. We always make 50% on retail for the year we are a jeweler! When we sponsor we make 10% off of anyone we have sponsored and into our 3rd level (our Great Great Grandchild). We are supposed to work our business and be leaders if we are sponsoring and continue to support and encourage those we brought into the business to get this 10%, however, you will always get your 50% off of your sales!

    Our company is DEBT FREE and we will remain that way. We also support missions around the world and in the US!

    Also you don’t necessarily have to purchase jewelry when you start, each person is gets in differently. Some get in with the Mack daddy gold package, or the silver package (getting a package is usually the best way to get in). Others get in with their training show jewelry they earn as a hostess or they purchase at 1/2 off. Also Premier always you to earn $200 or $300 within the first 45 days of your business. Simply hold 6 shows in 45 days and get a $200 retail ceritificate or if you do 9 shows in the first 45 days of your business you will get a total of a $300 retail certificate. Throughout the year Premier has plenty of ways for you as the jeweler to earn free jewelry as well!

    Yes, home shows are the heart of our business. It allows us to be able to serve our customers and hostesses and to truly build relationships with them. It’s important to understand what exactly a show is, because we have the best hostess program out there. I offer $100 in free jewelry to anyone who can tell me a better hostess plan, and I have never had anyone tell me a better one! First, a show is simply $100 in sales (and that can be outside orders), and then grab a min. of one friend (18 or older) and have the jewelry lady meet you anywhere you would like and that is a show! Our hostess can earn and use the night of their show one or all 4 of the following bonuses of $25 free jewelry for:

    Holding on the originally scheduled day
    Having $100 in orders before the jewelry lady walks in the door
    Having 10 guests arrive
    Having 3 of your friends book a date to get their own free jewelry

    PLUS hostess can earn a min. of 4 half price items and as much as 8 half price items to be used the night of their show and that total is added into the total of the customers orders!

    PLUS Premier will give the hostess back 30% of their total retail in free jewelry. So for our average $500 show the hostess earns $150 in free jewelry before adding her bonuses! Our average hostess gets $250 in free jewelry with her 30% back and bonuses earned! All that costs the hostess is $4 shipping/handling (current rate) plus the tax on all the jewelry and the cost of any, if they choose to use the half price selection!

    I’ve been doing Premier for 4 years now and it is by far the best company I have ever done.

    • says

      Thank you for all of this information. As you might have noticed, my review was written a few years ago so it is outdated. I’ll go through your information when I have time and make some corrections to my original review.

      • Jennifer Cangiamila says

        Thank you Anna! Also I wanted to note that Premier does offer yearly trips for their jewelers. Work your business and you can earn them. Throughout the year jewelers can also earn free jewelry simply by working their business. There is an enormous amount of training available: online, through calls, locally, and we have two rallies during the year (in Jan. and July). Also recognition is given locally and nationally. There are absolutely no territories, I know this as I have moved and worked my business in FL, CO, and currently TX. There are still plenty of people who have never heard of Premier before and our average price for our jewelry is $40! Our most expensive item in the catalog would be the watches, which currently are under $100! All of our jewelry is electro plated with actual gold, silver, sterling silver, or brass depending on which you are purchasing. The jewelry is one of the highest quality in the high fashion jewelry as it has been electro-plated 10-12 times, verses the standard 5-6 to qualify. Also Premier is one of the only high fashion DSA companies that quality controls their product themselves. And we are a privately owned company which means our Senior Leaders make decisions in the company, running it, as well as earning off of the business! Not many other DSA companies can say that the individual has a say in what the company does.

        If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me. I love that Premier truly sends the message that we are here to serve others and Honor God. As we are a Biblically based company, meaning that every decision made for the company will be prayed about and make sure that it does not go against anything in the Bible (not a religion, but the word of God)!

  2. kimberly maffei says

    I’m interested in becoming a consultant a friend of mine Hanna Moyer sales for you in southeast Kansas. in the 350.00 fee what all comes with this package and do I get a discount on jewelry I use for display..

    thank you

    Kimberly Maffei

    • Jennifer Cangiamila says

      The best thing for you to do is to sit down and talk with your jewelry lady. I can tell you that the initial fee may be more than most other companies to join, but I promise you will not be nickel and dimmed throughout the year. The services that this fee covers are incredible! Your jewelry lady can give you great detail about everything that is covered. But you will not have to pay shipping and handling on any personal orders you make with Premier that are over $20 CV (so about $40 retail)! This will save you tremendously.

  3. eskay@white watches for women says

    sounds like a good way to make some passive income. however, the 350 initial investment will deter many who would otherwise consider this…

  4. Adrienne Robinson says

    I have to correct you about the premier jewelry information posted. There is a $350 start-up cost as well as an annual fee. Also, if your bracelet broke and your earrings irritated your ears there is a lifetime warranty on all of your purchases. You can send it back to the company for an exchange. They are a great company!

    • says

      Thanks Adrienne! I didn’t see the $350 startup or annual fee mentioned on the website. I will update my info with these important details. I had no idea about the lifetime warranty — I would have definitely taken them up on that. Unfortunately, I don’t have the jewelry anymore to send back to them :(

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