Thirty-One Gifts Direct Sales Overview

Thirty-One Gifts overviewThirty-One Gifts is a direct sales company that specializes in handbags. They also sell wallets, key chains, stationary, and they even have a line of items for kids. You can additionally get the items you buy personalized with embroidery, which is very nice. You can become a consultant for their company and sell their items either directly, through parties, or with your own personalized website they set up for you.

How much can you earn?

As a consultant, you can get 25 percent commission on all your sales. You also earn a percentage of the sales from other people you recruit to become Thirty-One consultants. They want you to sell at least $200 every three months to remain active, but this is not typically hard to do. Most Thirty-One consultants don’t have problems exceeding this amount. They also offer all kinds of bonuses and other incentives, and you can get a 25 percent discount on their items for yourself. You submit all the money from your sales to the company, and they will send you a commission check twice each month.

How does training work?

The Thirty-One consultant website has all kinds of information to help you get going.

How much does it cost to get started?

To get started, you’ll have to pay $99 for your consultant kit, which includes $300 worth of stuff. The kit comes with some Thirty-One products, catalogs, order forms, fliers, recruiting cards and more. You will probably make back the $99 when you have your first show.

Is Thirty-One Gifts recommended?

It’s easy for me to recommend this company because I know someone personally who sells Thirty-One and is very happy with it. She’s also genuinely a huge fan of their products. I think this would be a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in direct sales. The start-up cost is low and you get lots of stuff for it, plus the products are really nice and I can see how they would easily sell themselves. The 25 percent commission rate is also good, especially considering that several other direct sales companies don’t give you this much.

Where do you sign up?

Our Thirty-One Gifts consultant is Kristen Burnett. You can go here to join Kristen’s team.

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  1. Norie says

    This is a great company to work for! I just became a consultant last week and i LOVE it so far. Anyone with questions feel free to contact me!

  2. Carolyn says

    This is the most informative review I have seen. I have thought about doing it but was wondering how you actually get paid. This has made my mind up and I am going for it!

  3. Kristen says

    My Thirty One check for this 2 week period is only going to be $300 less than my teaching paychecks were. Amazing….

  4. Anna says

    Thank you for your helpful comment, Jay! $3000 worth of products in one month is incredible. I hope you enjoy your vacation!

  5. says

    My wife sells thirty one and has done great. I am really impressed with the products as well as my wife's excitement with her new found "Job". This month she has sold almost $3000 dollars worth. That $750 commission check will be in the bank next month and we will be going on a vacation a couple weeks later. To anyone thinking of getting into thirty one, do it. You do have to put forth the effort to learn the product and make some sales. But its well worth it!

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