Update 5/7/14 – I have a new, updated review of Lionbridge here. This would give you more accurate information than below.

Lionbridge is extremely similar to Leapforce, Butler Hill, and Workforce Logic, which are also search engine evaluation jobs. They have several positions open right now including internet judge, internet multimedia judge, and labeling editor among others.

This post on Lionbridge is a bit old and outdated seeing as how it was written in 2010. For my newer Lionbridge post, go here.


  • DSL internet connection
  • Windows Vista or XP
  • Microsoft Office, Adobe reader and WinZip
  • Personal computer with at least 512 mb of memory and 1.5 Ghz

Pay: Around $14 per hour U.S., $6.50 per hour in India
Payment Method: Direct deposit
Payment Frequency: Monthly

The pay, as you can see above, is pretty decent. However, they do require workers to commit to at least 10 hours per week. They are pretty secretive in regard to specifics, which is why I couldn’t give you an exact amount of pay. I put “about” $14 an hour because I’ve seen that quoted, but I’ve also seen other figures hovering around that number quoted. I do believe they don’t allow their workers to reveal their compensation amount, which might be why the figures I am getting are rather sketchy. As stated above, people in India earn $6.50 per hour. If you are from India, you must take exams covering material learned from presentations you’ll see during training. I thank one of my readers from India for providing me with this information!

It seems that they turn hiring on and off at different times, so if you check my link and can’t find anything, you should check back later. You do have to take a test to see if you would be a good fit for the position. Sometimes they also conduct phone interviews. From what I’ve read scouring the internet for information, many people enjoy working for Lionbridge and it is a legitimate opportunity. As far as how it stacks up compared toLeapforce, I’m not sure. It would be helpful if someone with experience working for either company would divulge some info below!

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  1. Michael says

    I worked for Lionbridge as an Internet Assessor for a year. It was well run and I got paid $14US/hour. Then recently I got an email saying the programme had ended. I applied to be a crowdsourcer. I was hired. There was no test. I signed into the same portal I had before, but now the pay is per task (ranging from $.01-0.05). It is almost impossible to do it fast enough to get anywhere close to 14/hr. I just finished a 2hr session and I think, without doing exact math, I made about 3/hr! hahaha. I’m not sure if I was just lucky the first time around, but this new setup is practically useless. I could probably panhandle and make more.

  2. Billy says

    If you want to be slave driven, get a lot of guff about your “time sheet,” and then not get paid for your work, then LB is the place for you. I went through the whole hiring and training process, which is as grueling as others above say it is. I worked on their tasks for about a week, difficult tasks which rarely if ever resembled the routine ones that you are trained to rate. They would barrage me with overly complex “experimental” tasks that had unique and complicated directions. I would imagine that, for most people, the time you get from LB to complete the task is barely enough to read the lengthy and complicated directions, which you don’t get paid to do, by the way. They say that they pay per hour, but you have to complete a minimum number of tasks per hour to get paid, so they really pay per task, and they don’t give you a reasonable amount of time to complete tasks, despite claims that the time-per-task requirements are based on the average amout of time raters spend on them. This might be true, but the blazing fast veteran raters skew the mean to the point that everyone else cannot finish in time to get paid. To make things even harder, each kind of task is allotted its own unique amount of time to complete, and then YOU have to account for all of that mess by filling in your own time sheet. I have two graduate degrees and still was never able to adequately fill in a time sheet in order to get paid. Bottom line, LB got a week’s worth of work out of me for free. They are in Ireland, too, so good luck doing anything about it from the USA.

  3. Shelly says

    I passed my Lionbridge exam about 2 weeks ago. I’m very frustrated with the lack of communication. They asked me to continue to do some practice but I was not able to do the amount the asked for in the first week. So, I am in limbo now. Hardly any practice available, no emails being answered. What do I do? Is this typical? Do I wait or apply elsewhere?

  4. Blair Ivey says

    I’ve worked for Lionbridge for nearly two years. They are fairly demanding, and they expect a high degree of competence, but I’ve gotten good support from the Guides (yes, they are detailed), and webinars. I get the impression that they want their raters to succeed; after all, their business depends on your quality of work. If some of your work isn’t what they expect, they’ll send you an email with feedback. The best fit for this job is someone who is detail-oriented, analytical, and can grasp new concepts quickly.

    Pay is $14.50/hr. USD, and they pay monthly, usually around the 10th, through direct deposit. My average monthly income has been $700 – $800 per month. I’ve never had a problem getting a time sheet approved. My only beef is that some weeks there isn’t enough work to make the 10-hour minimum, but they won’t hold that against you. Overall, I’ve been happy with the relationship.

  5. Jessica says

    I recently went through the lengthy application process for LionBridge and I was very disappointed with their buggy software. I was in Phase II of their testing process and was unable to finish due to problem I had with their software. I went through all of their lengthy criteria and my machine met all their requirements. I spend hours on my computer every day and I have used countless type of software and I’ve never had such trouble as I did with their software.

    I sent them several e-mails along with screen shots and nobody ever helped me. Needless to say they did not select me because I could not finish the test. I spent a lot of time studying all the material and was willing to jump through all their series of tests. If they had just used the same software in Phase II testing as they did in Phase I testing, I would have been just fine and I’m sure I would have passed all the tests.

  6. Markato says

    Well, I will say that I’m happy that LionBridge notifies you that they’re not going to be pursuing your candidacy (about 12 hours after I applied). I suspect that they’re much stricter about hiring anyone who has previously worked for any other search engine evaluation company (I worked for Workforce previously).

    I’m being courted by Butler-Hill at the moment, though, so here’s hoping for success. :)

  7. says

    Lionbridge is the most idiotic company that I approximately worked for about five months. I did so much of hard work for getting selected by reading their rating guides and clearing lengthy examination. They were quite bossy and gave me rating such as 2/5, 3/5, 2/5 and 1/5 and when I asked which rating tasks I had done wrong they never answered and never ever gave me chance to understand what was wrong in my rating tasks.

    I also wrote to their top shot as it hurt me to get such lower gradings when I was doing the work absolutely right after seeing their videos and reading guides. I was 100% sure that I am not doing the work so badly to get 2/5 and 1/5 scores.

    Some of the time I questioned moderators also as they gave different ratings than I had given. None of them were ever answered. I always wondered what I did wrong as I am a type of person who fully devotes to an assigned task and makes sure that the task is done properly.

    Due to my repeated questioning about my low gradings assigned by them they never ever answered rationally and throwed me out of their nonsense Internet Assessor work which I was also going to quit anyway.

    They wasted a lot of my time in learning a lot of stuff and writing lengthy emails requesting them to clarify my ratings which they had graded as very low, i.e 2/5 or 1/5. Also in earlier months they gave me good ratings and then lower (because I questioned them for their arbitrarily grading without any explanations). Anyone who is dedicated and putting best efforts will naturally improve but at my end due to my questioning and email to their boss, they got p***** off and purposefully gave me low ratings so that they can make me exit!

    I feel really p***** off as they are bossy and do not value their Internet Assessors at all. Beware of working with this company as they have extremely poor support and hardly ever replies to any of your queries.

    Also when the workers in different countries are doing the same work of Internet Search Engine Assessor then why they give different pay rates? They failed to satisfactorily answer this question.

    I still wonder what I did so wrong to get such low grading of 2/5 and 1/5.

  8. says

    I just to the test yesterday for LB I hope I past, Have been looking for years how to make money on line. I have done it all have a blog survey sites Mturk none are really worth the time you spend doing it. I spent hours working on my blog and have got no where with it maybe its because it is with blogspot I don’t know but I gave up.

    • says

      Good luck, Monica. I hope you pass! On MTurk, have you tried the Crowdsource hits? Those are like search engine evaluation that you would be doing for Lionbridge. Just type in “Crowdsource” in the search box and try some of those. A lot of people say that those are worth it.

  9. Tiffany says

    Hi there,

    I found this link with reviews who have worked for LB, if you scroll down to read the reviews from people who worked doing search engine evaluations it seems that the were not paid the hourly rate that was advertised. I just applied for this and didn’t find this site until after I submitted my application.

    I’m a little worried about not being paid for hours that I’ve put in. Does anyone have any info about how they pay? I really hope things have improved. I’ll keep you posted.

  10. Val says

    I’m looking into jobs that would allow me to work from home making my own hours and this sounds interesting. I’ve also read your article about LeapForce and although I understand why you can’t be specific with pay rate, I don’t understand the specifics of the job and what one would be doing for these tasks. What are they like? I’ve only worked from home as an employee for different companies, mostly call centers but I ready to change. How are the invoices done and do you have to open a business or just send out regular invoices with your track working hours?

    LB sounds better than Leapforce, but on the other hand this monthly pay will be pretty difficult.

    Thanks for all your help.


    • says

      Val, you are basically just looking at a search term someone might have typed into Google and then at a result given for the term. You have to select whether or not the result given is relevant to the term. For example, if a person were searching for MTV and the result given was just a blog someone wrote that mentioned MTV, that wouldn’t be very relevant. But if a person got the official site of MTV as a result, that would be the most relevant result they could get. It’s not hard really, if you get invited to take the test, they’ll send you the guidelines to read over. As far as the invoices are concerned, they make that very easy for you. When you log into Leapforce, the invoice system will be a feature you can use inside your account. You just type in your start and stop time and it automatically calculates your earnings based on that. Then, at the end of the month, you just hit the submit button and it goes to them so they can process your earnings. And you don’t have to open a business or anything like that, it’s all very simple.

    • says

      Hi Val,
      Butler Hill and Leapforce are very much the same I believe, although I have never done any work for Butler Hill. I responded to your comment on Leapforce answering most of these other questions for you if you want to check it. Good luck! I admit I did not like the monthly pay either.

  11. says

    I worked for LB this summer and at first I enjoyed it, but then I didn’t. Just like any job, you either love it or not. It’s a reliable company, but I’ll give a heads up to others considering LB. Do not apply with Leapforce or LB won’t hire you. Be prepared for extensive studying and testing, as in 30 hours worth. It’s honestly the most in-depth studying and testing I’ve ever done for a job. It pays hourly, which is nice, but you only get paid once a month.

  12. Anonymous says

    Currently with LB.. Once you get the LB system down and learn the ropes it’s all good. …

    • Amy says

      I applied for a position at Lionbridge. After applying I received an email stating that I didn’t completely fill out my application and would I please do so and then reply back with an email stating I had completed my information. So I completed the part that I missed and sent the email as requested and I have not heard anything back. This was on May 27. Does anybody know how to contact them to check on the status of your application?

      • says

        Have you tried emailing them again at that same address where you sent them email that you completed your app? I would try that if you haven’t already and see if you get a response.

        • ryo says

          I go with Anna, because i did sent an inquiring email to that address “i got the same email like Amy too” and they did reply me. And said a member of the recruitment team will be in contact with you within the next 3-4 working days regarding the next step of the recruitment process.

          And its like leass than a week for sure. I got the invitation from the position that I applied.

          Anyone know the average salary for Internet Crowd Worker English? What about the tasks difficulties?

  13. Anonymous says

    I work for LB.. Love it!
    Workforcelogic and Butler Hill are other similar rating companies as well :)