Leapforce Work at Home Search Engine Evaluation

Leapforce hires independent contractors from a variety of different countries to evaluate search engine results and improve them for a major search engine. They also have openings for search quality judges. Job specifics are sketchy due to current employees being required to sign non-disclosure agreements, but in general the work involves determining whether or not certain search terms match up well with different web pages and/or video, images, etc. Even though this sounds fairly easy, many people describe the work as being incredibly hard.

Here are some basics:

Pay: $13 hourly
Payment Method: Check or direct deposit
Payment Frequency: Monthly
Open to: United States, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, and Brazil – Note one of my readers told me they may not hire in California or New York due to independent contractor laws in those areas.
Sign Up: http://www.leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/jobs

More Details

You’re paid a rate that most people would consider more than fair, and there is consistently work available to do. Not having any work available is relatively rare. As long as you can do 200 tasks per month, you can keep your account. Fall below that, and you run the risk of it being closed. But — you can do the work whenever you want as long as you do get that number of tasks in.

You have to take a two part evaluation exam before you can start work. If you fail, you are typically not eligible to take the test again. I say “typically” because they say it when you sign up, but I have heard of some people who failed the test and were then invited to retest a few days later. I suspect that whether or not you are invited to retest might depend on Leapforce’s employment needs. You will receive training materials to look over before you start the test, so since you *may* only be allowed one shot, I would read it backwards and forwards! The first part of the test is general and fairly short, and the second part involves taking simulation search evaluation questions. The second part is very long and drawn out, but you have several days to complete it if you can’t finish it all at once.

Leapforce pays you monthly with a check, and you have to send them an invoice in order to be paid. Because of this, keeping track of the time you work down to the minute is very important.

The website does say that a college degree is “ideal,” but it’s definitely not a requirement to become a search engine evaluator for this company. There are many people who do this work with nothing more than a high school diploma or less. You’ll need to upload a resume for Leapforce, so listing your skills and qualifications will be especially important if you don’t have a degree. You might want to include a cover letter in with your resume for Leapforce explaining why you want the job as well as going into more depth regarding your qualifications.

A lot of people love search engine evaluation and are able to work enough at home doing it to earn an income comparable to what can be earned at a job outside the home. On the flip side, some people cannot take the pressure and find the job very difficult. I think what it boils down to is that some people are just not cut out for search engine evaluation, while others are able to excel in it. I’ve read where people worked for Leapforce and were either fired or left on their own after a few weeks, and then there are those who have been there for several years. If you’re interested, apply, try it out, and then come back and post here to share your experience! If Leapforce doesn’t work out for you, there’s also Lionbridge, which is a similar company that regularly hires home workers for search engine evaluation.

My Thoughts

I signed up to work for Leapforce and didn’t do it for very long. I found it tedious to keep track of my own time. I don’t understand why they can’t build something into their website that does this for you seeing as how so many other companies can. My account was deactivated because I did not do the required 200 tasks per month and I received a message stating that in order to get my account activated again, I would have to take the entire test again. I think Leapforce is a great option if you need a non-phone job that pays well, but it wasn’t for me.

I also want to add that while this may seem like an attractive option to people with kids who can’t do phone work, this type of job is not very easy to do with kids running around. Why? Because you have to track your time very carefully and getting interrupted constantly really throws this off. I found that I could only focus on search engine evaluation when my kids were sleeping.

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  1. Ray says

    hello ,

    The biggest comment or downside I see on glassdoor is it seems this is not full time work task wise , and most says it extra income now but nothing you can bank on to pay the rent .Were as in this blog the biggest comment or down side is tracking invoices of work done . I am concerned more about that amount of task or work given on monthly base , If the work is there ill use a program to track the money side of things , so my biggest question is .. can people make a full time pay here ? or at least 1000 dollars per month which isn’t much but just to give me a idea.I have a interview this week with a phone job , but non phone jobs is what I rather do . I just need to pay the bills so any feedback on that for leap force would be great ..


  2. says

    I have tried both leapforce and lionbridge. I jumped trough all their hoops and past the tests, but got rejected. I do not know why. I am an educated man with several quality websites that I created. All I know is that I wasted about a total of 3 weeks of my time trying to work for these companies. Lionbridge just cut me off, no response to my emails, but they sure did not waste any time spamming me.

  3. Destiny says

    I just got hired from leapforce, and Im so scared I have a test to take monday, the job seems really good paying.. but Im not sure if I qualify for it or not.. I feel like Im hitting the ground, new ground running and I hope Im smart enough to keep running. Im worried about the invoicing, and im worried about the times to..

    • Cecily says

      Hi Destiny,

      I been working for Leapforce for a year and haven’t had any problems so far. What is it about the invoicing that you’re concerned about? Alot of the raters and myself use an extension tool called Rateraide (www.rateraide.com) to helping with invoicing times and productivity. I found that it made my life easier when starting. Also, the sims are very helpful and will get you adjusted to the work. Hope this helps.


      • solomon (INDIA) says

        Hi Cicily,

        i hope you are doing well in your life + laepforce. can please guide how do the job… step by step…..

  4. says

    Hi Anna, Melissa and Dina, i am new to this but i would like to try the search engine evaluating jobs, what do you guys advice me to do or study first please?
    I appreciate your help in advance.

  5. Melissa says

    Hi Anna. Do you know if it matters what type of email you use? I was going to qualify for a task, then noticed something about using a g-mail account. Is having a G-mail email account necessary when apply to this company?

    • says

      Melissa, I haven’t heard anything about that. I’m pretty sure it’s not necessary, though. But if you’re not sure, setting up a Gmail just in case is easy and free.

  6. Dina says

    I am thinking about applying to either Lionbridge or Leapforce. As a sole proprietorship, I’d like to know how the taxes are taken out (Federal and/or state), if there are any, so I may subtract any money from my check to save up for them at the end of the year. I saw in the FAQs for one of them that they would send a 1099 form, but as far as taxes go, i’d like to learn more about that. Thanks.

  7. Ben says

    So I am taking the test in the next day or so, and I am wondering a few things after reading this thread. 1: Has the amount of work available improved. 2: I saw this job pays monthly but what time of month and do they hold back a week or anything? 3. Is there really a cap on how much you can work?

  8. Bob says

    I am currently working for Leapforce. I’m finding that I get shutoff at about five hours per day. Have you had anyone else tell you this?

    I see someone on this thread mentioned Lionbridge. What’s your experience with that company? I’d like to work full-time at home, if I cna.

  9. Markato says

    I have applied to Leapforce so many times – then my application either sits indefinitely (under one e-mail address, it has been sitting for more than a year, along with “Check your e-mail…” of course, I never received anything). I have Gmail, though, so maybe that’s the problem – but I check my spam filters and see nothing.

    I can successfully change my password and receive an e-mail from Leapforce then, but I’ve never received qualification e-mails, even if my log-in account indicates I should have. Any clues?

    • says

      That is strange! I am not sure why you don’t get anything.

      Have you considered trying to apply at other similar companies? Like Lionbridge? I wrote some about them today, and the work is similar.

  10. Jane says

    How long does it normally take to hear back from this company after finishing Part 2 of their evaluation process? I ask because I finished Part 2 this past Monday, my evaluation due date past yesterday (12-13-12) and I still haven’t heard from them. Also, is it ok to apply to multiple companies for this kind of work or do they frown on that?

  11. ahmed says

    i have passes the two exam since one month ,but till now my account not activate ,anyone know how long does it take to activate my account

  12. jcn says

    I’ve been with Leapforce for a year and half and haven’t had any problems getting paid or keeping track of my time. I simply keep a notepad near by, write down the time I log on and then write down the time that I log off. For those who are saying that the they use the test to get free work out of people, well that’s just nonsense. I had to take the test again because I went over a month with no tasks and it was the exact same test that I had taken originally- with the same websites to visit and everything. Also, a lot of the queries on the tests are the same queries that you will see in the practice areas of the rater website. Having people rate the same sites over and over again does them no good. And to the person who was saying that the pay is very little after taxes etc- the same would go for any other job- the only difference is that “regular” jobs take the taxes out before you even get a chance to see it. “X” amount of dollars per hour at Leapforce is exactly the same as “X” amount of dollars per hour working at a brick and mortar company 2 miles from your home.

  13. Rashmi says

    I have recently started working for leapforce and I have few doubts. What is the TPH for the queries?? So far I am not able to match the productivity which is asked. I am trying my best and hope that I will be able to increase my speed in next 3-4 days, does this happen with all the agents or I am doing it slow. And does it going to affect my contract??
    Second thing for other projects like Review-Image utility how much is the TPH???

    Please reply ASAP. Thanks in advance

  14. WAHM says

    I have been working for Leapforce for a while now and have found a great way to help you track your time. The the LFTT seems like the perfect software for tracking your time while working as a search engine evaluator or internet assessor. Here are some helpful features I found on their website:
    Easily figure out how much time you spent working on projects every day. The home screen gives you a snapshot of your earning, hours, and tasks per hour for today, the day before, and for the current month
    You don’t have to worry about losing your data for any reason
    You don’t have to change your PC’s time to Pacific Standard Time when recording your work hours.
    Exporting monthly invoice to Excel along with many more valuable features. I think am gonna give it a try

    • LF Evaluator says

      I totally agree with you WAHM. LFTT (Leapforce Time Tracker) is the best tool out there for search engine evaluators who work with LeapForce

  15. Panpan says

    Leapforce is definitely a YMMV company, some may like it, others won’t.
    I am about to drop it, unless they pay me very soon for my February invoice. I do not agree that people who have complaints are lazy or have poor quality. I have not had poor quality work, but I have also not been paid.

    What I do think, and what I have seen over and over again on various work-at-home message boards and blogs is that people will put up with a lot of questionable behavior from places such as Leapforce because they need the money. The money that Leapforce pays per hour sounds pretty good until you factor in that you have to pay your own federal payroll taxes and state and county taxes out of that hourly rate. That will substantially reduce the rate to something not very far above minimum wage. Like most contract work, there is no guarantee that work will be available when you want or need it. At most regular jobs, if work is slow, you will still get paid. I know there are exceptions such as hourly work that may result in being senthome early, but generally a low amount of work does not mean no pay at regular jobs. Pay is net 30 days at Leapforce, assuming you have no “issues” with your invoice. At most regular jobs, you are paid every two weeks or twice per month. Unlike Leapforce, if there is a dispute about your pay at a regular job, you will still get paid on time while the dispute is being resolved.

    The testing for Leapforce is so long and tedious, that I believe that they are using it to get free work out of people. If a transcription company offered a comparable exam, everyone would be warning people not to work for it. The same thing goes for the online content mills. Yet Leapforce gives a long, tedious test and people seem to think that is okay. If you pass the test, you may find that the work available to do is not what you were tested on. You will then have to take time to download reams of training guidelines to train yourself for the new work. That training is unpaid, unlike at a regular job. You may find yourself doing hours of unpaid work and training before you even get a chance to do some work for pay.

    I could go on and on and probably have, but I think people should definitely think long and hard before they leap at Leapforce.

    • says

      Thanks for your input PanPan. I know there are some who like it, but I found it wasn’t for me either.

      I did not like having to keep track of my own time. I don’t understand why they can’t come up with some better system for paying their workers. Other companies are able to keep track of their worker’s times without requiring workers to do it themselves. I don’t really understand why Leapforce can’t do that, too. To me it just seemed like it got really confusing when you consider that sometimes you have to stop/start working (especially if you have kids at home with you). Lots of room for potential error there.

      • Panpan says

        I agree with you about tracking the time. It seems that Leapforce should be able to track that automatically for each contractor.

        I actually thought it would be interesting work at first, but the constant changes, lack of feedback, and slow payment of invoices is worrisome. Again, I find it hard to believe that a writer or transcriptionist would think doing a tedious test for free was okay, yet somehow people ignore that they are basically providing hours worth of free work to Leapforce during the testing process. I’m guessing that some people think there is some sort of caché about working for Leapforce and maybe have even convinced themselves that they are working for Google. Yet I doubt Google would ever treat its employees the way Leapforce treats its contractors.

  16. PK says

    Hi! My brother-in-law has worked for Leapforce for a year, and he loves it, The only thing he doesn’t like is keeping invoice times. He says that’s the only hard part. I appreciate all the encouragment and candor from all.

  17. Julie P says

    Most people who are complaining are the ones who didnt reach their quota or have bad quality in their work. That is not the companies fault.

    Americans have become too cushioned in real office settings while playing their facebook games and drinking coffee while gossiping in the cubicles with fellow coworkers. This is a strict job. Stay on your toes and dont slack. It’s not for everybody.

    • says

      I agree Julie! I am new to Leapforce, but I have been reading about them for years. I know too many people who have been with the company for two plus years…no way the company is that horrible.

  18. Just say no says

    Leapforce is an unethical company. Google Leapforce, complaints and decide for yourself. When you see a company with so many complaints, there has to be truth in what is being said. If you really want to do rater work, apply through Google’s website as an ads rater.

    • says

      I do not believe Leapforce is unethical. Naturally there are some complaints out there, but you’ll find that with pretty much any work at home job.

      The work is tedious and not everyone is cut out for it. They won’t waste much time in letting you go if you don’t meet your monthly quota. Also, you have to keep careful track of your time and do your invoices properly if you want to be sure your payments are correct. I get it though that all of that wouldn’t appeal to everyone. I do wish there was some way that Leapforce could keep up with the time tracking on their end, that would make it easier on the workers. Maybe that is something they will implement in time.

  19. Amy says

    I have been working for Leapforce for a while now. Some things have changed recently. For one work availability has become very low. The same is true for Lionbridge. Raters use to be able to work unlimited hours at Leap but are now lucky to get a few here and there. On the bright side they just changed to direct deposit. My experience with them has been great but would not recommend them if you need any kind of stability or security from your job.

    • says

      Thanks Amy, this is good to know. I hate to hear that work availability is low but glad that you can now do direct deposit. It seems like it took a while for those checks to come in.

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