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WiseGEEK is a freelance writing site. If you’ve never visited wiseGEEK, you should! You can find out exact information about most anything you want to know. Their website is filled with thousands upon thousands of articles covering every topic. They are all broken up into short paragraphs that are quick and easy to scan, and all the titles are in the form of question.

Update 6/22/13 – WiseGEEK is not currently hiring freelance writers. To my knowledge, they have not been hiring since the end of 2011. I will update if this ever changes.

How much does wiseGEEK pay?

WiseGEEK pays between $10 to $14 dollars for each article you submit. The easier titles pay closer to $10, while the harder, more technical topics pay closer to $14.

What form of payment does wiseGEEK use?

WiseGEEK pays their writers with Paypal.

How often do they pay?

It varies, but it’s very regular. There is no set day that they pay on. Basically, once you have completed at least 5 articles, your editor will review them. After your work has been reviewed, you are usually paid the same day.

Do they have a minimum amount of work to complete per week?

WiseGEEK would like for you to complete at least 5 articles each week, but the absolute bare minimum they require in order for you to keep your job is 10 per month. If you cannot do at least 10 articles per month, you may be removed from your position as a wiseGEEK writer.

How does it work?

If you apply and are accepted, you will have a pool of titles you can choose from to write. Most people start off being able to claim 10 titles at a time, but this amount may be raised or lowered depending on your work quality and output. Once you’ve written 5 articles, your editor may review them at any time.

Each person is assigned ONE editor, so you will always know it’s the same person reviewing your work. This makes wiseGEEK a little easier to write for than certain other upfront pay writing sites, like Demand Studios, because you learn early on what your editor expects of you and their expectations tend to stay the same. You just have to learn to please the one person. Because of this, rewrites are extremely rare.

After your editor reviews your articles, you are usually paid the same day (as stated above).

What about the application process?

WiseGEEK wants you to send them two writing samples. If you don’t have any copies of something you’ve written and published for another site, you may need to write something up to send them. Make it as good as you can, because wiseGEEK is selective. They only invite 25 percent of people who apply to test with them, and only about 45 percent of those are actually hired as wiseGEEK writers.

How does testing work?

If you are invited to test with wiseGEEK, they will allow you to claim three titles from their database. One of their editors (not the one you will be assigned if you are hired) will review them and grade you. The grading is on a scale of 1 to 10. Grades of 7 and above are passing.

If you do OK on your first three articles, your editor will invite you to submit three more. He or she will then grade those, and if you make it through “round two,” you will be invited to do three more articles. This is the last testing round. If you do a good job on these, you are officially a wiseGEEK writer.

Once you’re accepted, you’re assigned your own editor and you can start working. Keep in mind that even if you are not accepted, you WILL be paid for your test articles regardless, so that won’t be time wasted.

If you are not accepted, don’t despair! They allow everyone to test again within one year.

My Personal Experience

I was accepted to write for wiseGEEK in June of 2010, and they were my main source of income for a long time. I wrote five articles for them every day, five or six days a week, and I made about $300 a week there. I have since moved away from writing at content sites so I’ve sort of stopped writing for wiseGEEK (as well as many other places), but I have nothing but good things to say about them.

Is wiseGEEK recommended?

I recommend wiseGEEK. They pay regularly and have lots of good topics in their database of titles to choose from.

WiseGEEK Writing Tips

Writing for wiseGEEK isn’t very easy at first. There is a bit of a learning curve. They don’t want you to write in the way you may be used to writing. Everything has to be in third person, and you must use flexible language. This means that you have to say “generally,” “typically,” “may,” and so on a lot because they don’t want you to say that anything is fact unless it absolutely is.

Read up on their guidelines before you start, and pay close attention to the areas of improvement your editor suggests to you. This will help to guarantee your success as a wiseGEEK writer.

Where can you sign up?

As of December 8, 2011, wiseGEEK is not hiring writers. But if that changes, this is the sign-up link:

Interested in other sites you can write for online? Check out the huge list in my directory!

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  1. www.TWITRI.US says

    Usually I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very
    forced me to take a look at and do it! Your writing style has been
    surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.

  2. Jennifer says

    WiseGeek has been going through a revamp since they posted they were not seeking new authors. They “supposedly” have existing writers re-doing all the articles already on the site to change formatting and add a bunch of other stuff. I was a writer with them for a long time and loved it until they started all that junk. Now, it’s like pulling teeth from a donkey to get anything…and yet all my old articles, as well as some from other authors, are still the same as they were originally! Demand Studios also made some major changes, starting with putting every single writer into “development mode” and requiring them to apply for each individual category before being able to write anything. Another good site that got poo-poo’d all over. Now there are a large amount of previously established, successful writers that can’t do a single thing. I’ve been writing for Textbroker and London Brokers, with Textbroker having the highest pay rate per article. I am seeking something else in addition to TB though. Not having much luck. I don’t want to fall back on my oDesk account because, quite frankly, clients on that site expect you to write 500+ word articles for $1.00 … or less! Any ideas?

  3. Anne says

    What kind of stuff does wiseGEEK want people to write about? It says you get to choose from a pool of topics, but that’s not very specific.

    • says

      Pretty much everything you can think of Anne. Health, Technology, Gardening, Food, Finance, etc. The best way to get an idea is to visit their website at and browse some of the articles that have been published.

      It should be noted in the article above, they are not hiring at the moment. So if you want to apply, you’ll have to wait for a bit.

  4. Anna says

    Congrats on getting accepted there! I have to say they are awesome, and I have made more money writing for them than I have been able to make at any other place. I love that I have just the one editor, too. Once you learn what they expect of you, it's easy to crank out articles. They also have a lot of titles to choose from all the time. DS is also a good source for when it's hard to find something to write on wiseGEEK (which is rare, but it does happen) but I intensely dislike their editing process. All their editors have different expectations, so the things you do right in one article might be considered wrong by another editor. It gets frustrating.

    Congrats again!!

    • Asaf Iqbal says

      I am a Pakistani and not an American citizen. However, I want to contribute to wiseGEEK. I studied the wiseGEEK literarure and found for me to contribute as part time writer to wiseGEEK there are two hinderances: a) I am not an American citizen and b) according too notice of 12-08-2011 (probably Aug 12, 2011) until further notice wiseGEEK is not currentl hiring writers.
      Kindly let me know if there is any way out for me to get some part time writing job for wiseGEEK.
      Best regards,

      • says

        Hi Asaf, unfortunately wiseGEEK is not hiring nor are they creating content at the moment. So none of their active writers are working at the moment either.

  5. April S Kenyon says

    Thanks for this post Anna! I just went through the testing at WiseGEEK and was accepted. I just sent my contract and w-9, so am waiting for my first batch to be reviewed. I am excited! My plans are pretty similar to yours…I am hoping to do 5 a day. I also work at TB as a levl 5. Love the money it pays, but very few orders ever available at that level. I do fairly well at Constant Content, though not much lately. I love that wiseGEEK looks to be steady! I am a little nervous though about the 2 or 3 blogs I have found where people mention being fired from there! Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks for the blog! It's good to see someone with almost the same goals I have meeting them so quickly! I see that since starting at WG, your income increased dramatically! I was accepted at DS, but haven't bothered with them…seems like people end up going back and forth with the editors there alot!

  6. Anonymous says

    At the top, you say they ask for 5 articles a month, but in your description, you say 5 a week – that would be 20 a month.

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