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Textbroker is a popular writing site for people looking to make money writing for the web. Anyone can list writing work they want done, and if you apply as a writer and are accepted, you are given the opportunity to complete the work for various people.

Most of the writing is SEO centered, meaning that you’ll be required to use certain keywords in your articles a certain number of times. The client will specify this in his instructions to you.

Want to read an updated Textbroker review? The info in this review is still accurate, but you can read my latest overview of the company here.

How much does Textbroker pay?

The pay you receive with Textbroker depends on what writing level you start out at. They rank their writers at level 2, 3, 4, and 5. Level 2 writers get slightly less than one cent per word, level 3 writers get one cent per word, level 4 writers get around two cents a word (maybe slightly less), and level 5 writers get around five center per word. If you are fast, you can make well over $10 an hour, even at level 2.

Update 1-15-2011: If you are a writer at level 4 or 5, you can take a test to start proofreading for Textbroker. Proofreading pays .03 per word. The test is based on AP Style guidelines. If you fail the test, you can take it again in three months.

How and when does Textbroker pay?

Textbroker pays their writers via Paypal, and payment is made weekly! Weekly pay is a new development as of 9-2-2011. Before, it was every two weeks.

You have to request pay-off every Thursday to get your payments on Friday. They will not send it automatically, and you must have accrued at least $10 to have the option of requesting pay-off.

How does applying to Textbroker work?

To apply to Textbroker, you will have to submit a short 200+ word writing sample on a topic. They will give you a few different ones to choose from. Textbroker is pretty lenient, and they seem to accept most people. I don’t know anyone personally who has applied and was rejected, though I’m sure it has happened.

Once they’ve graded your sample, they will allow you to begin writing and put you at either level 2, 3, or 4. Most writers start off at level 3. If you start off at level 2 or 3, don’t be discouraged. With consistently good quality, you can get moved up to level 4. From what I understand, level 5 is not easily attainable, but it can be done. You have to be dedicated and the vast majority of your work must be error-free.

Note that Textbroker will ask you for a copy of a valid US ID so they can confirm you are actually a citizen. However, you are free to black out your social security/driver’s license number if that makes you feel more secure. This is not a requirement Textbroker used to have, but I imagine they  have been flooded with applicants coming from people who are not US citizens that are trying to apply on the US Textbroker site.

How does writing for Textbroker work?

When you’re hired, you are allowed to choose writing jobs from their order board, which is divided up into categories. The order board additionally shows how many assignments are available at different writing levels.

If you are hired at level 2, you may only choose level 2 writing assignments. If you are level 3, you can choose either level 2 or 3 writing assignments. Level 4 can pick from 2, 3, and 4, and so on. You get my drift.

Once you select an assignment, you can begin writing it. You cannot select another assignment until you have completed the one you are currently working on. Upon submission, the client has three days to either approve your submission or request a rewrite. Every writer gets one rewrite opportunity before a client can reject an article. It’s up to you if you want to do the rewrite or not. It’s OK to just let them expire if you don’t want to attempt it.

If you submit your article and the client doesn’t approve it or ask for a rewrite within three days, Textbroker will auto-accept it. If a client is pleased with your work, he can rate your writing. He might also send you a direct order, which is a special job he only wants you to do. You set your own rate per word for direct orders.

The editors at Textbroker periodically look over your writing for quality. Just as you can be bumped up a level, you can also be bumped down. So if your writing is at level 4 and you suddenly start submitting sub-par content, they reserve the right to put you back down to level 3.

What about taxes?

You work for Textbroker as an independent contractor, so you are responsible for your own taxes. They will mail you a 1099 form showing how much you made with them in a calendar year if you earn more than $600.

Does Textbroker hire international writers?

Textbroker now hires writers from the U.K. Canada, Britain, Australia and other English speaking countries through their UK website.

My Personal Experience With Textbroker

I began writing for them in late 2009, and I still occasionally submit content for them. They do have some picky editors, but overall my experience has been extremely positive. I find the work to be mostly easy and enjoyable, and I’ve never had issues with getting paid.

How hard is it to become a level 5 writer on Textbroker?

You need to have at least ten articles written rated “4” before you will be considered for promotion to level 5. It’s also a prerequisite to have passed the Textbroker proofreading test. These guidelines are new as of April 2011.

Is Textbroker worth it?

My personal opinion is yes, especially if you are new to the world of freelance writing. The editors at Textbroker are very friendly and give you lots of constructive criticism, which helps you become a better writer over time. When I first began freelance writing, my writing skills were terribly rusty, and I can credit Textbroker for helping me sharpen them up.

I should add that there are other people who do not feel as I do regarding Textbroker. I do get lots of complaints about them on this blog — people feel the pay is too low for the perfection the editors demand.

I agree that the pay is in the low side, especially if you’re an experienced freelance writer who could easily get better-paying writing jobs, but if you can write quickly, the rate per hour is not bad. I usually average $10 or more per hour writing for Textbroker. I always think of Textbroker as a good “jumping off” point if you’re looking to get into freelance writing. You can get practice here and get paid.

Want to apply?

Go here to get started if you’re in the US.

If you’re in the UK, you can go here to sign up.

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  1. Jane says

    I just signed up for textbroker and submitted my writing sample. My concern so far is that their word count system is off. I generally like to use Word when I type something up, then copy/paste the piece wherever I need to. So I typed up my sample in Word and it told me I had 250 words (maximum needed) and so I went to paste it into the text box on textbroker. The word count it told me was 255. I don’t understand how.. I revised my sample a bit so that it came out to 250, but Word said I had 245. So this is just all around confusing to me. I guess I will just have to stick to using their tiny little box to type in, if I get accepted as a writer.

    Great post as always, Anna. I’m a BIG fan of your blog!

    • says

      That is strange, but good to know! For what it’s worth, I have found their editors to be extremely responsive, plus Textbroker has a very active forum for writers. There may be something that the Word program is counting as a word that Textbroker’s system does not. If you’re accepted (and I’m sure you will be), you can ask them about it. They may be able to explain why it does that. Do come back and let us know what they say if you ask about it.

  2. Nadeem Iftekhar says

    Can I also apply as a writer, being a resident of Lahore (Pakistan) and with no Paypal account please?

  3. N'nette says

    I recently applied and submitted a writing sample. I then was emailed several days after asking for me to fax or email a copy of a valid US ID. They stated it was to verify I can work in the US. Has anyone else had this happen? I am hesitant to submit anything to them without hearing back from someone else!

    • says

      They have been doing this. I had another reader say the same thing happened to her. I think she was told that she could black out her social security/driver’s license number though.

  4. Annie says

    I’ve just joined Textbroker – I’m a newbie writer. As in very newbie. I’ve been rated at level 3, which is fine, as I reckon there’s plenty of time to improve. And it’s great that people are earning money with them. I’m in Britain and I believe that the British Textbroker is a new one? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I found it very frustrating. I followed the instructions on the website for looking for work. And there was none. I know that’s not guaranteed. I sent an e-mail asking about this – I asked if there was some way I’d cocked up looking for work. I can’t fault them for their response time – it was just a couple of hours later they got back to me. All they said was it’s a new site and the work will be slow at first. Perhaps I’m not very patient – or I should shut and just keep looking, lol.

  5. Ali says

    I am a graduate student and mom to a toddler. I joined textbroker and got rated level 4. I made $114 in my first two weeks. I just completed articles here and there, when my baby napped or in the evening. This is so great, thanks for much for the tip!

  6. Keith says

    I have used textbroker for ages now and always found it to be a good source of some extra pocket money! In fact, I even found a few other sites similar to it and use them all to supplement my income. There seems to be a strange amount cropping up in Europe at the minute. For example, i use one called Independent Publishing, which is based in Germany but asks for English texts. I know that Textbroker is also based in Germany. Do you think there is anything in this?

    • says

      I had no idea that all these companies were based out of other countries! I think I did know that Textbroker has their offices in Las Vegas but are run by someone (or a company) in Germany. I agree, excellent source of extra pocket money. I always recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting started with freelance writing.

  7. shanna says

    I’ve been using this site for about a week now and have managed to make 75 dollars while maintaining my full time job. It cant replace an income at my writing level right now but it’s 75 dollars i didn’t have before

    • says

      That is fabulous to hear! I love Textbroker for that reason … it’s always there to crank out an article quickly and easily for some cash. Even if you can’t make your living from it (although from what I understand some people actually do), it still helps for grocery money, gas money, etc.

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