Short Tasks for Cloud Crowd – INACTIVE

Update 3/14/14 – Cloud Crowd aka Servio was recently bought out by CrowdSource. They are no longer in operation.

Cloud Crowd is a short task site where you are paid for doing little “tasks.” These tasks might be anything from tagging images and video to writing short summaries, or even editing things. They offer all kinds of little jobs. Basically, companies pay Cloud Crowd to get other people to do some of their little jobs from home that require human intelligence and cannot be done with any automated system.

What about pay?

Pay is per task, and it varies depending on the complexity of the task. Things that take longer pay more, while things that don’t take long at all pay less. Some things are just .01 per task, but you have to keep in mind that these might not take you more than a second (literally) to do. You can build up speed and increase your rate per hour. There are also some tasks that pay a couple of dollars each.

When and how do they pay?

This is the most wonderful thing about Cloud Crowd. They pay you every day! Payment is made through Paypal for work completed and approved after 5 PM Pacific time by midnight of the next business day.

How hard is it to get hired?

Anyone can do it. You just sign up and get to work although you will have to take tests to get credentials to accept various tasks. All the work is done through Facebook, which is quite handy for those of you who are on there all the time anyway.

Are they strict about the quality of the work?

Yes. You need to read all the instructions carefully so you’ll know what you’re supposed to do. If you do a task incorrectly, it may be rejected, and you won’t get paid for that particular task. You are allowed to appeal tasks if you think one was graded unfairly, and they will reverse these if they agree with you.

Is this opportunity open to people outside the United States?

Yes. Anyone can sign up to work for Cloud Crowd as long as they have a Paypal account since that is their only method of payment.

Do they have a referral program?

They do! It goes down three levels. If your friends sign up you get 10% commission. You get 3% off second level referrals and 1.5% off third level referrals. When you sign up, you’ll get your own personal referral link to pass on to your friends. If they sign up by clicking your link, they’ll count as your referral, and you’ll earn off their work as well as your own.

Is Cloud Crowd recommended?

Some people enjoy using it because of how fast you can get paid. However, there have been many complaints about being graded unfairly since they let other workers grade you. You would just have to try it out and see how your experience is. Everyone seems to feel differently about it.

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  1. julie says

    I tried to apply this morning however, it is stating they are not hiring new workers at this time….Just an FYI!!!!

    • Gwendolyn says

      That might explain why nothing I click to get to the application is working. It would be nice if they posted something somewhere prominent so people don’t spend time trying to figure out what’s wrong with their browser.

  2. Ali says

    Hi, just an update on my previous post. My appeal was accepted and I just got paid for that post. I am not sure tha I will write for CloudCrowd again though simply because there are so many rules and the whole thing seems rather uncertain after this last experience.

  3. Ali says

    I would not recommend writing for CloudCrowd. I spent two hours writing an 800 word medical research article. I had the content guidelines/instructions printed out in front of me. I checked and double checked the keyword requirements, and all the other instructions. The work was sent back once because of misuse of the word “their” (which wasn’t actually a misuse) and because I had put the actual number of the client instead of the generic (555) 555-5555 (a previous article was rejected because I DID use the 555-format). I corrected the work (you get a paycut when you self-correct). Then it was returned as rejected by another reviewer, meaning I was paid nothing. This time it was rejected because I had not included title headings. It did not say to include title headings in the main instructions. In the more detailed instructions it did mention the correct format for headings – but it did NOT say that you had to include them. It aso mentioned 2000 word articles – mine was 800 words – so I assumed that the section on headings referred to longer articles. I assumed that if the article required headings it would have said so in the main instructions. I did include the title as required.

    So, two hours of work and where I should have got $24 for an 800 word article, I got NOTHING. I have appealed the rejection so we’ll see what happens. I decided to give CloudCrowd a chance because it is about 3 cents a word, which is much better than any other site. I assumed that other people who complained did not follow the instructions properly. I had the instructions printed out in front of me. I also copied and pasted the relevant keyword instructions at the top of the article. I made sure to count the exact number of keywords per whatever words. I worked really hard. It was well written, informative, and had authoritative links. And it was rejected. As a bit of context, I work for Textbroker as a level 4. I have completed articles for Scripted that have been very favorably received. I am not sure how CloudCrowd can continue to function this way. I got an email recently saying that they had changed how they operate, but it still seems fishy. I don’t know if I now retain the right to that work or not.

    Also by comparison. I was working for a team on Textbroker and was asked to do multiple edits for some product descriptions. The work was eventually approved – they are only required to allow you one edit but they gave me several to make sure I met all the instructions – I had tried to follow the instructions but they were complicated. It seems like CloudCrowd wont even give you a chance (well, one chance, but then it can be reviewed by a different person and get rejected anyway). It is well paid but apparently a complete gamble. If I find out I do retain the rights to that article they rejected I’ll post it here so you can see the level of work that they reject.

  4. Athlyn says

    I tried to access Cloud Crowd via Facebook and got greeted with a game page, so am not sure what that is all about.

  5. Juliet lacy says

    I’m sorry to report that I unsubscribed for reasons that I can’t discuss, and I don’t know what will happen to the referrals. I had 5 people sign up under me so hopefully you will still get them. Thanks for your wonderful site Anna. I will continue to come here and look for jobs!