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ChaCha is a company that allows people to text a question, any question, to their number (242242). It’s a free service, and the question asked can be pretty much anything. In a few minutes, the person who sent the question will get an answer back. ChaCha pays people to answer all of the incoming texts from their home computers. ChaCha has been around since 2006.

How much does ChaCha pay?

ChaCha pays roughly .02 to 20 cents per question answered, depending on the job role of the person answering the question. The amount possible per hour depends on how fast you can go, but keep in mind that they will ding you for quality errors, so you do need to take care to answer questions properly rather than rushing through them. You can also opt to be paid via points, which is sort of like a revenue sharing thing.

The amount each point is worth depends on how many total points are earned by all ChaCha workers for that period. Then, the amount in the pot is divided up by the total points. So far, the points have not ended up being worth much. Thankfully, workers do have the option of working for points or cash. Stick with the cash.

ChaCha Salary | More details for ChaCha Jobs | Salary

What method of payment does ChaCha use, and how often do they pay?

ChaCha will pay you once a month via direct deposit to your bank account once you have accumulated at least $100. If you need your money faster, you can get it instantly with Paypal (a fee will be deducted).

Who can apply?

People who are 18 years old or older can apply. Additionally, it is a requirement that you have high speed internet access.

Is ChaCha open to people living outside the US?

No, at this time ChaCha only hires within the United States. Not from the U.S.? Try applying with AQA63336. They hire people from a few different countries inside Europe.

What about taxes?

You work for ChaCha as an Independent Contractor, and not as an employee. This means they will not take taxes out on you, and you will be responsible for that yourself. If you earn over $599, you will receive a 1099 form at the end of the year showing how much you’ve made that you can use when you file your taxes.

What are the different jobs available at ChaCha?

You can be hired as either an expeditor, SMS guide, or a voice transcriber.

Expeditors get the question first, clean it up any misspellings or confusing text and send it on to a guide to answer, or they answer the question themselves by selecting an appropriate response from ChaCha’s database of answers.

SMS guides receive questions that have been cleaned up by an expeditor, research the question, and answer it. Voice transcribers listen to recorded messages from ChaCha’s 800 number and then  act as an expeditor by either cleaning up the question and sending it to a guide or answering it themselves.

Expeditors make the least, but it doesn’t usually take them as long to do their job as the other guide roles. As of 2011, you can also sign up to be a “vetter” which pays half a cent per question and is like expediting, only faster. People say they are averaging around $2/hour with this role.

Does ChaCha have a referral program?

Yes. You will get a 10% commission off the earnings of people who sign up under your email address (this will not take away from their earnings, it is just extra money that ChaCha gives to you out of their pocket). You will only earn if the person who signs up under you signs up as an SMS guide. Commission is not earned off expeditors.

How do you apply?

Sign up through the website. After you sign up, you’ll have to take a short assessment test that’s timed to determine your internet searching skills. I recommend that you look up all the answers on Google rather than trying to guess at it. You can’t retake this test (or any other test you take on ChaCha) so you need to pass it.

If you get through that OK, you’ll be given access to ChaCha’s Search University, which will teach you all you need to know about your chosen guide role. Go through everything there over and over. Then, you’ll take the final test, which is actually a simulation of the work you’ll be doing.

It takes them a few days to grade it, and they will email you with the results. Please remember that you can only take this test once, you can never retest, so if you really want this job you need to study and study hard!

My Experience With ChaCha

ChaCha was the first at-home gig I ever found that paid enough to be considered a substantial source of extra money.  Unfortunately, pay has done nothing but drop since I began working for them.

I worked for ChaCha steadily the first year and made $600 my first month, but then question volume dropped drastically and my pay was cut in half. This didn’t change, and by the end of 2009 it was mostly impossible for me to earn more than $300 in a month.

Is ChaCha recommended?

Some people love working for ChaCha because they truly enjoy the work in spite of how little it pays. It can be quite fun until you get burned out. You honestly never know what some people will ask, and it’s often amusing.

I also like that ChaCha is OK with letting guides joke around with the customers when it is clear that the customer is joking. It’s pretty easy work, and it’s actually fun. However, you have to be OK with sitting, pretty much earning pennies because that is what it amounts to now.

Where can you go to sign up for ChaCha?

Go here to get started. Please comment below with your ChaCha experience if you have it.

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  1. Jason Pendrag says

    I went to ChaCha’s page and read all of the information, but when I went to sign up (by clicking the join now button) my browser says I can’t reach the page. I wanted to know if anyone had the same problem as I did, or if anyone possibly new why I am having this problem.

  2. Sarah says

    I was a guide turned expeditor years ago. I just read your fast ways to earn cash article and thought I’d check it out again since they are doing Paypal now. I can still sign in. :)


    • says

      I know! I am so happy they are paying with Paypal now that I am honestly thinking about doing it here and there, too. I am curious though if that $2 fee still applies.

      • Jenn says

        The fee to transfer your ChaCha money to Paypal is $1.00. They dropped the $2.00 fee when they switched to Paypal. Also, Vetters get paid 1 cent (not 1/2 cent like the above poster stated) per answer and 0 if you use NSA, abort, clarify. Just know that ChaCha stopped having contests and red alerts about a month ago and traffic has slowed down a lot. It is really hard to make a decent amount like before but it is still a good company to work for if you need some extra cash. Any problems you have they are fairly quick to answer/fix them.

        • says

          Thanks for the additional info, Jenn! I plan to do an updated review on ChaCha soon since there have been so many changes lately.

  3. Marette says

    ChaCha pays their Vetters 1/2 cent to $.01 per answer but you don’t get paid for every answer you give. Vetters are a new level of guide that started a few months ago and most of the expeditor guides where dropped down to vetters, thus decreasing their pay from $.02 to no more than $.01 for each answer. You can get paid by direct deposit if you have $150.00 in your account. You can also get a debit card from an online bank in Indiana that charges you $2.00 just to have your money deposited in your own account, plus charging when you want to draw it out. So in order to make any money at all it will take hours and hours of your time. I understand people have been summarily terminated for no apparent reason with no explanation and they have been told that they are also forfeiting any pay they may have had in their account. So they do have work to do, but I would be very careful.

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